Personal Trainers & One to One Training

The best personal trainers are those that help you achieve your goals, whatever they maybe. Losing weight before a holiday or a wedding or post natal exercise. Some people just need a personal trainer for motivation.

Lose weight, fat loss, tone up? How about just get fit!

People who use our personal training have all sorts of goals
Need to lose weight but don't know where to start or can't get started? Maybe you want to lose weight for your wedding, holiday and need weight loss without gaining muscle? Some people need to cut weight to join the Army, RAF or to be a Fireman. While losing weight fast needs to be carefully managed and not generally a good idea, we can help you safely manage your weight loss. We cater to all sorts, people who are unfit, seniors who consider themselves too old but also to elite athletes involved in combat sports.

Personal trainers for boxers

We are lucky to have some experienced boxing trainers here at the gym. They have been around the sport for decades and competed themselves at the highest levels both as amateurs and professionals. Many boxers have one to one private lessons with boxing trainers. You can expect technical pad work with body belt, movement and co ordination drills, defensive and offensive drills. We can also arrange controlled sparring to help develop your confidence as well as your skill set and technique.

Personal Training Sessions for small groups and companies

Personal training for small groups
Some people like to train with a small group of friends. Maybe work colleagues before they go to work. Not only do small groups get high quality of training but the cost of personal training in a group is more affordable. If you are an employer we can also offer deals for your staff if they want to train as a group.

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